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Thermal Spray Coatings

In response to a strong need in the thermal spraying industry, Fujimi's highly sophisticated powder technology makes possible the introduction of SURPREX, cermet* composite powders. Fujimi's high-quality cermet products have eliminated problems inherent in conventional cermet powders, such as spitting and low deposition efficiency. In addition to cermet products, Fujimi offers a variety of ceramic powders as well as powders for plasma transfer arc (PTA) application.
* Cermet (ceramic and metal): a generic term for composite materials that consist of ceramics and metals.

Fujimi is active in the development of new materials for emerging spray coating processes such as warm spray coating, HVAF and cold spray coating, for details of newly developed materials contact us.

As an introduction to Fujimi Incorporated thermal spray coating materials and the processes involved please watch the video below.


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Examples of new thermal spray technology developed by FUJIMI

•Development of new HVOF system for spraying fine powders.

•Development of WC cermet coatings with high impact resistance.

•Formation of solid lubricant MoS2/Cu coatings produced by HVOF

•Formation of ceramic coatings by HVOF (theta-gun)

•Development of pure Al2O3 and Y2O3 powders for plasma spraying

•Development of WC cermet coatings with high cavitation erosion resistance

•Elucidation of the relationship between substrate property and bonding strength of cermet coatings produced by HVOF

•Breakthrough of spitting mechanism on spraying cermet powders by HVOF

•Development of MoB cermet coatings with high corrosion resistance to molten Al alloys or molten Zn alloys

•Drastic improvement of abrasive wear resistance of WC cermet coatings by optimum WC particle size