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A is the most widely known abrasive powder, popularly called alundum. This product is made by melting bauxite in an electric furnace at a temperature of 2000℃ to obtain aluminumoxide (Al2O3) corundum crystal of at least 90% purity. One special feature of this product is that the toughness (tenacity) of the abrasive particles has been increased by fusing them with a small percentage of titanium. As a result, A has the highest degree of toughness among all Fujimi abrasive powders.

This product, which is manufactured to sustain a consistent distribution of particle sizes, is a highly efficient abrasive and will not scratch the surface of the workpiece, and maintains great stability as it functions as an abrasive. A is well suited for use as a material in super-finishing precision grindstones and super-finishing lapping cloth or paper. It is the most suitable abrasive powder for use on cathode-ray tubes and related glassware, and soft metals, where precision lapping is required.


WA is a fused white alumina abrasive powder. It is a product with a wide variety of uses, and typical of the powders used in precision processing. It is produced by crushing fused alumina into a powder and then sorting the particles into a uniform size. WA has an α-type corundum crystal configuration. It is a high-purity alumina, with at least a 96.0% pure Al2O3composition. It has a hardness next to that of silicon carbide (SiC), a closely controlled particle size distribution, a consistent particle shape, and has the potential to be used for high-level surface processing. WA has superior qualities for use as a material in super-finishing precision grindstones, super-finishing lapping cloth or paper, and lapping tape for super-precision surface finishing. It is also well suited for precision lapping of such materials as metals, quartz crystal and semiconductors with low tensile strength.


PWA is a high-quality alumina-type abrasive powder, consisting of a plate-shaped crystal of Al2O3with a purity of over 99.0%. It has excellent heat-resistant properties as well as being chemically inert, and is not corroded by either acids or alkalis. As the particle size distribution of PWA is tightly controlled, it can produce a very fine lapped surface, giving it superlative effectiveness as an abrasive. With a tremendous range of utilizations, PWA is an abrasive powder capable of performing a myriad of functions. In addition to being suitable as a lapping agent for silicon, optical materials, liquid crystal, stainless steel and other metals, PWA is also ideal for use as a filler material for coatings, as a material for coating lapping cloth or paper, and as a compounding agent combined with a metal or synthetic resin.

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