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In producing these semiconductor devices, the surface of the semiconductor wafer, most typically silicon, or a compound semiconductor, must be precisely lapped. The most suitable material to process the surface of semiconductor elements is the product harvested from Fujimi's technology: the precision lapping powder FO.

FO is an alumina-based precision lapping powder, made using carefully selected materials, and undergoing Fujimi's own unique processing to produce a powder with special particle shape and hardness. Produced under the strictest quality control, FO provides constant, stable lapping capability, with no scratching on the surface of the material being lapped. This being the case, not only is FO effective with semiconductor wafers, but it also possesses superior capabilities in the processing of lenses, prisms, and other glassware used for optical applications. Thus, FO can be used with complete confidence, for high value-added workpieces.




Download the datasheet (881kb)