Grinding, Lapping and Polishing materials for Semiconductor, Optics, Ophthalmics and General Surface Finishing.  Thermal Spray powders for HVOF, HVAF, Warm and Cold Spray

Fujimi Europe GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujimi Incorporated of Nagoya Japan, from an office base in Ingelfingen Germany Fujimi Europe GmbH is responsible for sales, technical support and logisitics for all Fujimi products supplied to the European customer base.

Fujimi Incorporated, since its founding in 1950, continues to chart a pioneering course as the manufacturer of synthetic precision abrasives in Japan and the USA. Drawing on its precision grading technologies, accumulated experience and extensive research and development capabilities, the Company has expanded from abrasives for optical lenses to a variety of products delivering the ultraprecision sought by leading-edge high-tech industries.
Our lineup encompasses a complete spectrum from polishing abrasives for silicon wafers and other semiconductor substrates, to chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) products required for multilayered circuits on semiconductor chips, and abrasives for computer hard disks. Recently,the Company has developed new fields,commercializing products for cermet (ceramicmetallic composite) thermal spray materials with dramatically improved impact resistance and polishing attention for their role in reducing CO2 and conserving energy. Our corporate video below introduces our products and technologies.

As the leading name in synthetic precision abrasives, Fujimi supports the advanced electronic industry through its aggressive development of polishing and abrasive compounds for various electronic components, such as silicon wafers, semiconductor devices and hard disks. Also, we are seeking to enhance the development of thermal spray materials and the fundamental technology development function, which is core to our growth. We are working to strengthen our technology-based new business and topics research and planning function.

Silicon Wafer Compounds
In accordance with rising demand for 300mm silicon wafers and shrinking design rules, demand is increasing for synthetic precision abrasives that are (1) flat, (2) free from defects and (3) smooth, and that (4) minimize contamination from trace metals and (5) improve manufacturing. We are focused on abrasive grain refinement to improve the processing accuracy and yield rate for lapping and silicon wafer slicing abrasives, which are also required for high-performance flatness and improved manufacturing.
The demand for flat, defect-free, smooth and uncontaminated polishing compounds used in the finishing process are growing stronger. We are developing polishing compounds that will reduce nano defects and achieve the level of smoothness required in polishing next-generation wafers for 22nm devices, as well as polishing compounds that achieve atomic level smoothness. Fujimi is also engaged in the development of abrasives and additive technologies for high-speed polishing compounds, which are linked with productivity increases.

Device CMP
Semiconductor device manufacturers have commenced mass production of LSIs with 32nm technology nodes, and a shift toward devices with even finer 22nm line widths is now underway. This generation of devices is drawing attention as it will mark the first commercialization of 3D transistors, as well as employing metal gate and other technologies. The manufacture of these devices requires numerous CMP processes, employing polishing compounds from other applications. In addition to polishing compounds for copper and barrier materials, to meet the demands imposed by new LSI structures we offer compounds for aluminum, polysilicon, interlayer dielectric (ILD) and tungsten. As well as performance enhancements such as nanometric wiring surface planarity and absence of defects, such miniature devices require further improvements in terms of productivity and cost. In addition to its abrasives, filtration and classification, and chemicals technologies, Fujimi has the polishing equipment and surface testing devices required to produce leading-edge devices, and we are pursuing developments in response to customers’ needs.

Compounds for Hard Disks
We continue to develop glass disk polishing compounds, as this is seen as an area of future growth. In addition, Fujimi is focusing on the development of high-performance polishing compounds for next-generation hard disks, which have greater storage volume and higher density. As with semiconductors, customers are currently demanding hard disk substrates that ensure fewer defects and leave fewer residues. We are developing products to meet these needs.

Specialty Materials
In response to growing environmental and energy-related demand, we are working assiduously to develop polishing and abrasive compounds using in the production of LEDs and next-generation power devices. These products are slated for rapid market expansion, with market attention focusing on their effects in CO2 reduction and energy savings. Therefore, we are striving to shorten the time required for processing brittle sapphire substrates for LEDs and gallium nitride (BaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) substrates for nextgeneration power devices, without damaging the substrates.
Owing to difficulties in securing supplies of rare earth materials and to offset rising costs, we are working on a polishing compound for glass substrates to serve as an alternative to cerium oxide.
We are also developing functional materials such as angular nanoalumina, whose particle characteristics lend themselves to use in lens polishing.
In planning its new product and development themes, Fujimi’s R&D planning section takes a two-pronged approach to determining development targets, as it looks for fields with development potential for the Company’s core technologies, as well as promising new technologies and markets.

Core Technologies, Production Technologies
This section focuses on reinforcing Fujimi’s strengths in core technologies. By promoting the development of technologies mainly involving (1) filtration and classification, (2) abrasives and (3) chemicals, the section will accelerate product development, target greater functionality and help expand the Company’s operations into new fields of business.

Thermal Spray Materials
We provide cermet materials for manufacturing equipment and aircraft parts, and are expanding our offerings of thermal spray materials used to form high-value-added coatings on electronic devices and LCD production equipment, and this market is expected to expand in scale. We are stepping up our development of thermal spray materials in response to robust recent demand for low-temperature sprays (cold sprays and warm sprays) employed in new thermal spray methods.